Mitigating Cascading Failures in Interdependent Power Grids and Communication Networks.

Marzieh Parandehgheibi, Eytan Modiano and David Hay
IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm),
Conferences & Workshops
Network survivability


We study the interdependency between the power grid and the communication network used to control the grid. A communication node depends on the power grid in order to receive power for operation, and a power node depends on the communication network in order to receive control signals. We demonstrate that these dependencies can lead to cascading failures, and it is essential to consider the power flow equations for studying the behavior of such interdependent networks. We propose a two-phase control policy to mitigate the cascade of failures. In the first phase, our control policy finds the unavoidable failures that occur due to physical disconnection. In the second phase, our algorithm redistributes the power so that all the connected communication nodes have enough power for operation and no power lines overload. We perform a sensitivity analysis to evaluate the performance of our control policy, and show that our control policy achieves close to optimal yield for many scenarios. This analysis can help design robust interdependent grids and associated control policies.

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