Network Anti-Spoofing With SDN Data Plane

Yehuda Afek, Anat Bremler-Barr, Lior Shafir
Conferences & Workshops
DDoS attack, NFV/SDN


Traditional DDoS anti-spoofing scrubbers require dedicated middleboxes thus adding CAPEX, latency and complexity in the network. This paper starts by showing that the current SDN match-and-action model is rich enough to implement a collection of anti-spoofing methods. Secondly we develop and utilize advance methods for dynamic resource sharing to distribute the required mitigation resources over a network of switches.
None of the earlier attempts to implement anti-spoofing in SDN actually directly exploited the match and action power of the switch data plane. They required additional functionalities on top of the match-and-action model, and are not implementable on an SDN switch as is. Our method builds on the premise that an SDN data path is a very fast and efficient engine to perform low level primitive operations at wire speed. The solution requires a number of flow-table rules and switch-controller messages proportional to the legitimate traffic. To scale when protecting multiple large servers the flow tables of multiple switches are harnessed in a distributed and dynamic network based solution.
We have fully implemented all our methods in either OpenFlow1.5 in Open-vSwitch and in P4. The system mitigates spoofed attacks on either the SDN infrastructure itself or on downstream servers.

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