Anat Bremler-Barr


Operating Systems
Reichman University 2007-2022
Tel Aviv University 1998-2002
Advanced Topics in IP Networks
Reichman University 2021,2018,2015,2013,2011,2009
Tel Aviv University 2000
Seminar: Advanced Topics in Computer Networks
Reichman University
Seminar: Internet Attacks - On Worms and DDOS, 2006,2011
Seminar: Network Algorithmics,2012
Seminar: Clouds and Networking, 2013
Seminar: Network Virtualization, 2016
Workshop: Projects with the Industry
Reichman University 2020,2021
Computer Structure
Tel-Aviv Uniersity 1998-2000
Data Structure
Reichman University 2004-2007
Introduction to System Programing
Tel-Aviv Univeristy 1996-1998